TAG: This or That - Beauty Edition

Eyeliner or mascara? Bright or neutral eyeshadow? OPI or China Glaze? 
A true beauty lover will have a hard time answering these questions. And that makes it kinda fun to do these tags!

It's been a while since I've done a tag and recently lovely Laila from Noorelnisa.nl tagged me for this one!

Let's just start!


*Blush or bronzer
I'd go for bronzer. Lately I'm into warm make up and then I'd go for a bronzer rather than a blush.
*Lipgloss or lipstick
I don't think I have to answer this one. But I will. Lipstick. Red. Matte. Yes.
*Eyeliner or mascara
I'd go for eyeliner! I can wear eyeliner without mascara, but mascara without eyeliner just doesn't feel natural.
*Foundation/BBcream or concealer
Concealer. With my favourite concealer (Mac Pro Longwear) I don't even need foundation.
*Neutral or color eyeshadow
Hmmm.. That's a tough one. But in the end I think I'd go for neutral. Then I can still wear my red lippy tiiiiiiihihihi
*Pressed or loose eye shadows
Pressed. I can't work with loose eye shadows
*Brushes or sponges
Brushes. Sponges waste your make up.

Click on the picture for the tutorial!


*OPI or China Glaze
OPI, because they have the most awesome colours and textures.
*Long or short
Something in the middle. I don't like my nails too long (ew, makeup under your nails), but I can't work with short ones either. If I'd really had to choose, I'd go for short, though.
*Acrylic or natural
Natural. No doubt. Besides, my nails grow too fast to put stuff on them.
*Brights or darks
Hmmmm.. I like unique colours. Usually they're dark, so I go for dark.


*Perfume or body splash
*Lotion or body butter
Body butter. I feel they leave more scent and they penetrate my skin faster.
*Body wash or soap
Body wash. Soap is just.. awkward.
*Lush or other bath company
Lush is SO overrated. I like me some Sabon or Rituals or anything else, really.

I pick jeans, heels & necklaces


*Jeans or sweat pants:
Jeans. Sweat pants are for lazy girls.
*Long sleeve of short
Long sleeve
*Dresses or skirts
Dresses. There's nothing nicer than a dress. Easy to wear!
*Stripes or plaid
Stripes. I don't like plaid..
*Flip flops or sandals
*Scarves or hats
Scarves. Always. Even during Summer. Can't take them away from me!
*Studs or dangly earrings
Studs. But lately I try to get off the studs. I have big hair, so I can wear the big earrings! I still need to practice what I preach.
*Necklaces or bracelets
Necklaces! I love me some big, statement necklaces!
*Heels or flats:
Heels. They make me tall tihihi
*Cowboy boots or riding boots
Uhm, I'll just skip this one. I'd rather go bare feet.
*Jacket or hoodie
Is blazer an option? Because I'm totally a blazer girl.
*Forever 21 or New Look
Forever 21! Love their jewellery.
*HM or Zara
Zara, they just have more black items and I love their classy line. It's so classy. I like classy. Did I say classy yet?
*Holland or Belgium
BELGIUM! Yes, in caps lock! I'm SO in love with Antwerp. I've been there a million times and I'm almost sure that I want to move to Antwerp in a few years :) Oh, and have you ever tasted (fresh) Belgium waffles?! Have you?!?!



*Curly or straight
Cuuuuuuuuuuuuuurly allll the wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy ♥
*Bun or ponytail
Bun, a big messy one
*Bobby pins or butterfly clips
Bobby pins
*Hair spray or gel 
I actually like the combination of both when I want to wear my hair in a neat bun. First gel, then hair spray
*Long or short
I'm not sure about that. Short for curly hair, long for straight hair, I think
*Light or dark
Dark! Brunettes have more fun :)
*Side sweep bangs or full bangs
Full bangs! If I didn't have curls, I'd definitely rock them full bangs. I've always been in love with them!
*Up or down
I have a love-hate relationship with wearing my hair down. I love how it looks, but it's just not practical. Nevertheless, I still pick down.


*Rain or shine
Shine. SHINE. SHINE!!! I'm sick of all this rain. This African girl needs SHINE!
*Summer or winter
Summer. Like I said, this African girl needs shine!
*Fall or spring
Spring. Helloooooooo, I need shine!!!
*Chocolate or vanilla
This is a tough one pff. After thinking about this for about 7 minutes I decided I go for vanilla. Or no, it's chocolate. Or vanilla.. Do you enjoy torturing me?!

And I taggggggggg

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Everyone else reading this! Leave me the answers below or share the link with me! :) 

Hope you enjoyed the tag!
What is your hardest this or that choice?

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  1. My beautiful kozit, love this!

  2. I love this tag! Had a good laugh! ;)
    Thank you for tagging me amigo!


  3. Leuke tag! En wat een gave nagels.

    Kiki | Chicks About Fashion

  4. Great tag! Loved your answers :)

  5. Leuke tag! Ik blijf verliefd op je krullen haha!
    Het is echt zo mooi!


  6. Thanks for the tag baby girl!! Had a good giggle! Cx l oved reading it all!! Lol and yes Belgian waffles are the bomb!!! Xxxx

  7. thanks for tagging me :D
    I agree with the lush thing btw. Yet to try the products out and see for myself! :D

  8. Wow we have a LOT in common,I'd say 75% of the answers are the answers I'd go for!
    Those tag posts are always fun to read.

    Thank you so much for tagging me, I'll be doing this tag soon <3 :D


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