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If you would like to contact me directly, you can send an e-mail to
I'm always open for suggestions and feedback.


PetiteSal is PR-friendly and open for sponsored posts! If you think your product or service suits this blog, please send me an e-mail with details and I'll gladly take a look at it.

Since this is a blog about various topics, I'm also open for different reviews and sponsored posts. If you're not sure if your product or service suits my blog, don't hesitate and e-mail me! But before you do, please read my disclaimer
To give you an idea, the following topics are topics I love to write about:
  • Make-up;
  • Skin care;
  • Hair;
  • Fashion;
  • Accessories;
  • Other beauty products/services.
E-mails concerning SEO are unnecessary, as I'm not interested.

Thank you!


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