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Oh, hey there! I guess this is the part where I have to tell things about myself. Well, let's give it a shot!

My name is Sal, I'm 24 years old. This curly lady lives in the Netherlands, for those who wondered. At the moment I study Communications. To finance my study I work part time at a jewellery store. Selling jewellery is something I love to do!

Petite Sal is where I like to express some of my creative sides. Writing has been a hobby of mine since I was a little kid. Sharing this hobby with many other bloggers is just something I love. Also that people actually read and like the stuff I write.

I'm a versatile little human being. I enjoy blogging (obviously), reading, being a TV show junkie, pizza, poetry, good music, picnics with my ugly friends and writing in general. I am aware of how cliché this sounds, don't worry. It's hard to explain yourself in a few words. I guess you'll just have to follow my blog to find out who I really am!


  1. Poetry is way easier to read than write Super-cultured Sal. Found that out the hard way! My fave book is Shadow of The Wind xx

    1. I totally agree! But writing poetry is easier when you use it as a way to express yourself, like I do. It has also helped me learning how to put things in words, which I found very hard before.
      I've heard a lot about that book! It's going on my To Read list :)

      Thank you for reading! X


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