OOTD: Black, gold & curls will rock your world

Before you look at the pictures, I have a confession to make. I got this post planned for 2 weeks. How horrible is that? I think Trudy, who took these pictures, is mad at me by now and probably doesn’t want to take me on OOTD-quests anymore.. EXCUZA AUNTY TRUDY! It won’t happen again, I’m sorry!

Anyway, it’s been a while but I got another outfit post for you guys! A simple one, but can I just say that I love the pictures? It takes an amazing photographer for that (THANK YOU AUNTY TRUDY). We discovered that we have quite some beautiful places in my neighborhood too.

Have a look!

For this post I risked my life, please realize that. We went to a park where you have these.. beasts aka Highland Cattles. I was acting like a big fat chicken around them. I’m not even going to lie about it. I wanted to act tough on my blog like: "oh look at me, I’m such a daredevil and you guys aren’t". Well, no. They were huge and when I read on the internet that they can weigh 500-800 kg, I freaked out a bit, sorry.

Nevertheless we have some amazing shots for you and I hope I can convince my beloved friend Trudy to go on another quest with me. PLEASE AUNTY TRUDY! (Yes, I will keep using caps lock for that. And please imagine a whiny voice when reading that.) And because it's been such a long time since I did an OOTD, I hereby present an OOTD post with many pictures!

I kept the make up a bit neutral. Eyeliner, a little mascara and a mix of Rimmel Lasting Finish Lipsticks By Kate Moss 107 and Mac Viva Glam 1 on the lips. As you guys know I love me some black & gold and this outfit is no exception.  And there’s no thing as too much gold; I love me some (faux) gold!

Above you can see a sneak peek of Trudy's outfit. Click on the picture to see her post! Don't forget to check out Trudy's blog. She has amazing pictures and lovely outfits that will inspire you, I'm sure about that! Show here some love on her blog It's True!

Enough chitchat
On to the outfit!


What I’m wearing:
Shirt – H&M, Blazer – Berschka, Jeans – Zara, Necklace – Forever21, Doorknocker earrings – H&M, Pumps – H&M, Ring – H&M, Bag – H&M, Nail Polish – E.L.F in Glamour Girl

It was quite a while ago since I did my last outfit post. These outfits are my favourite: a blazer, lots of black, lots of gold, heels and, of course, curls everywhere.
Hope you enjoyed the post!

What is your favourite outfit?

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  1. Love these photos, you look stunning xx

  2. Yayyyy finally there are posted! Ive been waiting forEVERRRRR! And ofcourse we'll do more ootd's (wink wink) hehehehehe u already know what im thinkin right... :p

  3. You look amazing. Love the outfit and your hair looks amazing! Great photos. M xx

  4. You look incredible Sal! Your hair is gorgeous, love the big, bouncy curls and a red lip on you.
    Mel x


  5. Yeah so like, can I just be you?!please?
    also. I'd like your hair.
    gorgeous! I actually kinda dress like you! haahah xx

  6. wow..you're hair is gorgeous:))

  7. Mooie ketting & je haar is zo mooi.


    Kiki | Chicks About Fashion

  8. Great outfit but oh my, you are SO BEAUTIFUL!! I'm like, so jealous right now... :-P and I love the whole setting (you're a brave girl!) and the way the pictures were taken too. Good job Trudy! And stay beautiful Sal ;-) haah!


  9. Wish I could have hair like that! gorgeous xx

  10. You're so beautiful!! I love your hair it's beautiful without salon >_<
    The hiheels look so comfy ♥ I never find a comfy-looking hiheels before
    Have a nice day!

  11. Some very interesting poses indeed. The cross-legged, handbag dangling one especially innovative! :) xx

  12. You look so amazing!!! You need to do a lot more ootd the day posts for sure!! Your face/hair figure!! Perfection!! Keep it up lovey!!! Xxxx

  13. Absolutely love this what hair products do you use??

  14. Ooohla! A blog collabo. Nice one ;-)

  15. This is absolutely gorgeous! You look stunning! Love our big hair and the pictures, amazing photographer she is

    More of these!!

  16. Your hair is absolutely stunning! I am so jealous! I have naturally curly hair too, but have never been able to tame it, so Ive submitted to the iron! haha. What products do you use? Gorgeous outfit too :)

  17. Salita you are a beauty!! xxxxxx

  18. Have I ever told you how gorgeous you are? Because you are! BEAUTIFUL!
    Love the outfit, I would totaly wear something similar, even though I am a tom boy at heart, but I still like to wear blazers and heels occassionaly.
    Plese do more outfit posts so I can admire you. Who's a creep now. lmao

    <3 X


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