Sal's Sunday Solutions: Quick fix for a broken nail

Every girl has coped with this at least once:  you broke your nail and there's no nail file around. As if that's not bad enough, you won't be home until the end of the day and the day just started! Oh and it gets worse: your nail ripped your new blouse and your tights, because it's so sharp. Damn it! You knew you shouldn't have thrown that nail file out of your bag! No worries, my dear frustrated beauty lover, I have the solution for you :)

It's very easy! Look for the closest toilet (there must be one somewhere), put your soon-to-be-fixed-nail on the part between the tiles and use it as a nail file! Huh? Yes, huh! It works! The cement between the tiles have the same effect as a nail file. I know ladies always look weird at me when I tell them this and sometimes they refuse to do it. But hey, it works and you don't want to be stuck with a sharp nail, right? 

In case you're outside and there really is no toilet (or nail file) around, you can use the bricks in a wall! They have the same effect. Just make sure they're not too coarse and there aren't too many little stones sticking out. Other then that, you're good to go!

So no more stress when your nail is sharp and you can't find a nail file in the nearest 30 km!

What do you do when your nail lets you down and you don't have a nail file?

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  1. Haha echt een geniale oplossing :D

    Een fijne zondag!


  2. I basically do the exact same thing xD or sandstone or a ceramic flower pot

  3. hehe good trick not sure if i would do it at a public toilet though :p

  4. LMAO I'm guilty of doing this!

  5. Good one! Never though of using that! Will do for sure now xoxo

  6. And I thought I was weird doing that! haha. I do that all the time ;)
    Awesome post!

  7. Ha! I used to do this, or find a box of matches and use the strip along the side that lights the match!

    Brilliant post, made me smile!

    T xx

  8. Sal this just happened to me TODAY. UGH!! I wish I had your tip :-(
    Well... with my luck this will happen to me again tomorrow, and now I am saved.
    Thank you, my love!!


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