Review: MAC Diva lipstick

To everyone who isn't really a red lipstick kinda person: I'm sorry. To everyone who is: look what I got! 
So many stories about the famous Diva lipstick from Mac. No wonder I had to try this beauty. It's a colour that looks differently on every girl, that's for sure. Of course I had to have it. Let's give it a more detailed look!

Diva by MAC, definitely a lipstick with many question marks. Why? Because it looks so different on every girl (and guy, I don't judge). The lipstick has interesting undertones and the colour is very hard to describe. Many hyped about this lipstick, so no wonder a girl got curious! Needless to say, I had to buy and own this lipstick.

swatch mac diva lipstick on lips

color swatch diva mac lipstick


MAC Diva is a deep red, matte lipstick. It reminds me of dark cherries. The undertone is a combination of brown and purple. Which makes this lipstick really interesting, because it turns out different on every person. On me it looks a bit more purple-ish. The colour is very chique and edgy at the same time. The lipstick is very pigmented. Just one stroke and BAM, colour all over. Look at that swatch. I used one stroke for the swatch. That's the way we like it!

diva mac lipstick

mac diva swatch


The lipstick is from the matte series. However, I don't really agree on that. The lipstick is matte, but it's more of a velvet matte. Very subtle, as you can see on the pictures. I'm used to very matte lipsticks and that's why this lipstick isn't really that matte in my opinion. However, because it isn't thát matte, the colour isn't that drying when wearing it on the lips and it applies easily. But what I don't like is that the insides of your lips get really weird after wearing it for a while; it turns into a different colour. You can solve this with a lipbalm, but I like my lipsticks matte.
The lipstick has a subtle vanilla-ish smell, like most MAC lipsticks. I like it, it's not overwhelming, just very subtle. 

diva mac color


The lipstick has a black, sleek packaging, that reminds me of a tampon. Just the usual MAC packaging, nothing special. The only thing I dislike about this packaging is that you can't see what colour it is, without looking at the name. So when I'm looking for a certain colour, I have to check all my MAC lipsticks, before I find the one I was looking for. First world problems. I know.

diva mac colour

Lasting power

MAC is known for their quality lipsticks and Diva is no exception. The lipstick doesn't bleed and without a lip pencil it stays for about 3 hours; 5 hours if you don't eat in between. Usually I prefer using a lip pencil, but not with Diva. For some reason it looks less beautiful with a lip pencil and it comes off quicker. If you use a lip brush, you can still apply it neatly, without having to use a lip pencil. The lipstick leaves a stain when you take it off or when it fades away, but very slightlyThe lipstick survives a small meal without a touch up. 

full face diva mac lipstick

How to wear Diva lipstick?

I like to wear this lipstick with just mascara or mascara and eyeliner, because I usually wear Diva to work. But you don't have to limit yourself like that, because the lipstick looks amazing with smoky eyes too! Because this is a bold lipstick, you can also go for extra bold eyebrows. 

swatch on lips diva mac


I bought Diva at the MAC Pro store for €19. 

A little summary 

The pros
  • Amazing colour
  • Solid packaging
  • Lasting power
  • Amazing pigmentation
  • Doesn't bleed 
  • Good quality and reasonable price
  • Feels creamy
  • Not drying
  • Nice, subtle scent, no taste
  • Blends well (ombre lips)

The cons
  • Not entirely matte
  • Lipstick gets uneven after wearing it for a while
  • After a while the inside of your lips get a weird colour
  • When removing, it leaves a vague red/purple-ish stain

make up look diva mac lipstick

So would I repurchase this lipstick? 

If I didn't have this many red lipsticks, I'd say YES, in capital letters. However, I have many red lipsticks and some colours are similar to this one. I do like the purple undertones and I think the colour is really awesome! What I really don't like is that the colour gets uneven after wearing it for a while and the weird colour on the inside of your lips. You can slightly see it on the picture above. Even though I really like the colour, I have to say: no, I won't repurchase this lipstick.

diva lipstick mac

What do you think of Diva by MAC?

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  1. Love this colour on you. I love a dark lip and have contemplated this for a while but it does look so different on you to others I've seen where it looks more purple. Think it's one I need to try myself. M xx

  2. I think I may need this for when my MAC Sin just looks too dark on me. Diva seems like a beautiful dark red that won't think the lips as much!

  3. Ik heb ook de MAC diva en ik vind m ergggg mooi alleen ik draag m echt weinig! Ik ben nu meer voor de MAC lippotloden. Het staat jou trouwens f*ckin mooi!!!

  4. I would love to repurchase it again and again!! Its so beautiful. Never knew this lip colour suited me this well otherwise I would've bought it wayyy ago. I recommend it to everyone. Mac diva is the best lipstick out there.

  5. I bought this as I loved the colour but as you said, it comes up different on everyone. As I'm from Ireland, I'm fair skined, I really like this but I find it bleeds so it's not a lipstick I can pop on and not worry about for a few hours. I purchased Mac liner in burgundy which I love but I still find it bleeds, disappointed :-(

  6. I love the fashion look, these ones are lovely! x

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  8. Great article, love your sharing so much, thank you!

  9. Hi! I just discovered this gem via the internet...and though I've never been a HUGE lip person, I've never wanted a lipstick like I do this one. Sephora is calling my name. This color looks amazing on you! What lip liner did you pair with it? Thanks for sharing:)

    1. Hello there! In this post I didn't use a lipliner, but usually I pair it with Flormar lip liner in 205 or with the Mac lip liner in Cherry (a lighter colour than Diva). Maybe you can find a different lip liner at Sephora; you'll have a variety of choices there! :)

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  11. On me, it is too dark like a black red. Even with a light touch.

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