DIY workout armband for your phone in just 4 steps

Now that the sun is shining, the time for outdoor workouts has started! But how often do you find yourself cursing because you don't know what to do with your phone/mp3 player? Those workout armbands are pretty expensive. Which is pretty useless really, cause it's so easy to make your own band. 
How? I'll gladly show you how!

As an iPhone user I can tell you that Apple products and products for Apple are incredibly overpriced. So buying accessories for my iPhone is a no-go. In that case you have to be a creative little minion. And sometimes the solution is closer than you think. A foot closer (badum tssss).

For this tutorial you will need a sock and scissors. An old sock will do. I used one with a hole in it.

Let's get started!

workout armband
Step 1 
Find a sock. You can use a sock with a nice print that matches with your workout outfit. I know how women think. Don't worry, I won't judge.

DIY workout armband
Step 2
You have to get a tube, so check where you can cut the sock at the bottom. Don't cut too high or you'll get a short band and then your phone won't fit in it.

diy work out armband
Step 3
Cut that sock like your life depends on it. 

tutorial workout armband
Step 4
Yeah that's it, actually. You're done now, but I'll show you how it works, just in case. 

armband for working out
Put it on your arm.

diy armband for working out

iphone workout armband
Fold it.

diy workout armband for iphone samsung phone
Place phone.

Work out!

That's pretty much it! You can also use a legwarmer. In that case you only need to fold it around your arm and you're done. What I like about this method is that it's within reach. You can even recycle an old sock or a sock that lost his soulmate. Or use a new sock that you specially bought for this cause, because you like the print/colour. Either way, it's still a lot cheaper than buying the actual armband. You're welcome.

iphone armband

Where do you keep your phone when you're working out?

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  1. Dit is echt super handig! Ik en m'n zusje gaan dit uitproberen hiihiihi. Ey en nu nog eentje waar ik mn waterflesje kan laten want dat is ook een struggle :(

  2. Such a great idea. I had a running armband for my samsung but my new phone is too big. Definitely going to try this instead! M xxx

  3. If I accidently leave my phone on the bed it can get hot does this happen with the sock

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.


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