Get Inspired: The Mystic Purple Lipstick

As you've probably read in my previous post, I'm converted to purple lips! I haven't said goodbye to my signature red lips permanently, but I do wear purple more often. Yes, you read that right. The red lipstick is temporary replaced by purple and purple-ish colours.

I want to infect you with my new addiction, so I've gathered some inspiration pictures for yah. Cause sharing is caring and I care about y'all!

Get inspired and understand my new obsession!

There are many, manyyy different shades of purple. You have lilac, deep purple, blue purple, pink purple, red-ish purple-ish purple and so on. Some are extreme, some are wearable, some are a bit weird. But we're all a bit weird, so that's okay. Just scroll down for more and...

Enjoy the inspiration!


And of course a picture of my last makeup look with purple lipstick. Skip the false lashes and you've got yourself a wearable look!

Do you understand my love for purple lips now? Do you?! I bet you do! Purple is one of those colours that suits everyone, every skin tone and every make-up style. Whether you like to go bold with your make-up or the opposite, when you like to keep it natural. There are many shades of purple and many ways of wearing them.
Which one is your favourite?

Pictures are not mine, except the last one. Sources:
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  1. Well welcome back to a blogging world! ;)
    I love purple!! Any kind of shade, actually. I love that one Rihanna is wearing and the one 2 pictures above. That made me realize - I need more purple lipsticks :) X

  2. OMG what's that purple in the 1st pic!!!!! I LOVE it!!!

  3. i love this color i have a MAC lipstick rebel ! :)

  4. In love with these colours... not brave enough to wear them tho!

  5. I am a purple lipstick addict just did a blog post on my favourite ones! Purple is the best colour ever!

  6. Oh my these all look are fab for pulling off sucha bold color missy :) Love this on you....

  7. so in love , thats how anyone can be classy but wild :)

  8. Love purple lips! The violet shade suits you so well, such a big trend at the mo! xxx

  9. The plummy burgundy tones appeal to me, not the outright purple


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