NOTD: Nazar Boncuğu / The Evil Eye Amulet

To brighten up a rainy day I started playing with nail polish. I call this nail art Nazar Boncuğu. That probably doesn't ring a bell at all, unless you're Turkish or internationally orientated. Nazar Boncuğu is an eyeshaped amulet believed to protect you against the evil eye

No? Still doesn't ring a bell? That's okay. You can still enjoy the many pictures I have for you!

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A somewhat simple, but still a little different nail art! This week's nail art is elegant, wearable and an eyecatcher at the same time. To variate I gave my pinky nail an accent, instead of the ring finger. The pinky nail has stripes in different colours that intensify each other. 
Like I said in the intro, the nail art reminds me of the amulets for evil eye that they have in Turkey. The nail art is just inspired on this amulet and it doesn't have the eye like the amulet does, so unfortunately it won't protect you! (badum tss...)

What I used
Bla bla bla... You came here for the pictures, right?
Well, here they are!

The ring I'm wearing was a present from my mom (it used to be her ring), so I can't tell you where it's from, unfortunately.

It's pretty obvious the Turkish evil eye amulet has inspired me.
But I'm curious: what do you think about when you see this simple, yet eyecatching mani? 
So what does this nail art remind you of?

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Sources images: 1, 2


  1. You have pretty nails! I saw this amulet before but I didn't know about its "function". I think I'll try this design:)
    Come and visit me on my blog too!

  2. Such a pretty mani! Ive always been intrigued by the idea of the evil eye, and those single eyed braclets that are supposed to ward of evil. The evil eye i. Pakistan is known as nazar lag jana and almost everyone beleives in it.

  3. Super mooi gedaan je nagels! En wouuuuuuuuw die ring! :|

  4. My Turkish friend gave me one of the blue charms and I love it. I tell people I'm now part of the Turkish illuminati :) xx

  5. Heel mooi! En je ring is echt; prachtig!!

    Kiki / Chicks About Fashion

  6. From a far, you nails look holographic! Looks awesome!

    I've seen the evil eye jewellery everywhere in the bazaars of Turkey. :)


  7. wow je ring vindt ik prachtig! maar het gaat natuurlijk om de mani is die is ook prachtig!

  8. Such a good idea the colours match up perfectly!! xx


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