Sal's Sunday Solutions: Baby powder solves your summer problem!

Baby powder, the product that's going to change your life this summer. We use it on the baby's butt, but we grown ups can use it too. It has many uses, but today I'm focussing on how you can use it during the summer to solve your summer problems!

Yes, yes I can hear you think: "What's up with Sal and her baby product obsession?" First the post about Sudocrem and now baby powder.. No, I do not have an obsession for baby butt products! They're just perfect to use for every day issues!

So, baby powder and summer problems. 
With summer comes sweat. That actually summarizes the whole use of this product. But I will tell you more of course. I'm apologizing in advance for the gross details, but we just got to keep it real here, ladies! 

Some ladies (or gents) sweat more than others. That's the curse of mother nature. But no fear, Sal is here!
The biggest problem for us ladies during the summer is boob sweat. Yeah, I said it. And to prevent the gross phenomenon use baby powder! Put some on your breasts and on the area around it and you're good to go for a good few hours. Use it after you showered. The baby powder contains talc, which absorbs the sweat and prevents much sweat production. But you can also use it everywhere else: armpits, butt, feet, hands.. Every where! We use it on babies, why not on ourselves?

During summer I like to use the baby powder on my entire body, to feel fresh and dry and to prevent much sweat production. It's my ultimate summer secret! Oh, and it smells devineeeeeee too!
Just one thing if using it: put on the baby powder first and then put on your underwear. Oh and wash your hands right after (or use a moist/wet towel). Especially when you're wearing black underwear. 

Baby powder can be messy. I warned you!

Give baby powder a chance this summer and let me know your experiences! There are many other uses for this wonderful product, but I'll tell you more about that another time.

How do you prevent sweaty body parts during the summer?

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  1. lmao. I hate boob sweat especially if I wear across the body bag and then I have a sweat showing on my shirt. Sorry for too much details :D
    Thank you for this post. I'm going to baby powder myself tomorrow.

  2. Thanks, this is really helpful! Going to try it out:)
    Come, visit my blog if you have some time, I wrote my first post today!

  3. ik wacht op foto's met je new toy!!!

  4. love this post I've been using baby powder since ages now for all my body its amazing

  5. Hahaha you're hilarious! But that's brilliant. If babies can use it, why can't we? It's definitely a great way to dry out sweaty parts of your bod!

    <3 Kelly | The Patch Diaries

  6. Wow crap, that's incredible! Mh, smarthinking. :') Je hebt een punt, dat zeker. Het werkt ook retegoed in vet haar, works like a damn charm lady.. Like a chaaarm! Ik ga het eens gebruiken, zal wel adembenemend zijn. Bedankt voor de tip topper!

  7. This is sooooooo great!
    I love how honest you are, it really makes you different.. in a good way!

    Kelly ||

  8. Absolutely love the smell of baby powder, great tip. This summer is going to be a sweat-fest, ha ha!
    XO Wil Harris

  9. haha dit werkt echt voor vanalle gross kwaaltjes!

  10. great tip, thnx

  11. Haha super handig! Ik gebruik het soms ook!
    Heb last van exceem en het helpt echt!



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