Sal's Sunday Solutions: What (underwear) to wear under white clothes?

Summer means wearing light colours, mainly white. But with white clothes comes the big question: what underwear do you wear?! If your answer is black or red, my answer is NO. Stop doing that, because you actually CAN see your red and black underwear through white. And white under white isn't a solution either. So what is? The answer is not always very sexy, but very simple...

So what colour underwear do you wear under white/light clothes? Skintone colours! You know, the beige underwear that grannies wear too (sorry about the image I probably gave you). Because the beige colour comes close to your skin colour, you won't see the underwear through your clothes. And if you're dark skinned, you can wear chocolate coloured underwear or - if you're darker - black underwear. Just pretty much anything that comes close to your skin colour!

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And of course there will be people telling you you should wear white, red or black (if you're light skinned) because you "can't see that under white" (I hear it all the time). Wrong. Go test out the beige underwear and you'll thank me forever! We all know most white shirts are kind of see through, but you won't even see your skintone coloured underwear through very thin clothes! 

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Now is the time to go shopping for new underwear so you can totally rock that new white dress or those white pants that you've been dying to wear!
Oh and don't worry, nowadays beige underwear is sexy too!

Was seeing your underwear a reason to skip white clothes?

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  1. Completely agree. Great post:) I love skintone bras, because you can wear them under any color clothes, just so versatile:)

  2. heeel handig dit. Ik draag altijd zwart als ik wit draag :o en seriously je ziet geen ruk! Dus ook black bra's.. omg die zijn echt mn favoriet! PS: heb je snel gevolgd via Bloglovin! Blijkbaar deed ik t nog niet!

  3. Aha did I inspire this post by any chance? ;)

    1. Actually, no, you didn't :) It's something I've been doing for a long time. If you would've inspired me, I would've mentioned your name, because I think bloggers deserve their credit. Thank you for your comment, Alana.

  4. I always thought nude underwear only came in one shade, Im on the hunt for a darker toned one now!!

  5. I'm one of the naughty ones that wears black but only under sheer tops and only on a night out (tart i know) Ems xo


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