Sal's Sunday Solutions: Remove nail polish without nail polish remover!

Every girl has her beauty secrets and I'm actually willing to share them! Coming from a rich culture that has a big focus on beauty, I have quite a few tricks up my sleeve. Every Sunday I will share a beauty tip with my lovely readers!

Just before you go out, you realize that you still got some old nail polish on your nails. But, oh no! There's no nail polish remover! What to do, oh what to do?

Considering you're in this scenario: no panic, I have an easy solution for you!

A little announcement before I start writing. As you can see I changed the name of my Sunday posts to Sal's Sunday Solutions and full credit to this creatively found title goes to Narzipan! Thank you for coming up with this, as I love how it sounds! You should definitely give their versatile blog a visit as it's so inspirational! So again, thank you Narzipan!

Now on to the Sunday Solution of this week. So imagine you need to get rid of the nail polish on your nails and you're out of nail polish remover. What many girls do is file it off with a nail file. NO! PLEASE put down that nail file!!! You have no idea how bad you're about to damage and ruin your nails! The only thing you actually need to get the nail polish of your nails is.. nail polish! Nail polish? Yes, my friend. And I will explain step by step. 

The painted nail you want to get un-painted. FYI: in this picture the nail polish looks perfect, but this also works with chipped nail polish (which was the whole point of this post, I know).

Apply another coat of nail polish over your nail. Just a royal amount, it doesn't have to be done neatly.

Quickly put a wad of cotton wool over the nail polish while it's still wet.

Whipe it off while the nail polish is still wet, et voilĂ ! Nail polish, be gone!

And this is what you end up with!

  • Work quickly, so the "second coat of nail polish" is still wet and so it will actually succeed to get your nail polish off
  • In this post I worked with pink, but that's just to show the contrast between the colours. You can work with all colours, but best is to work with light/nude colours or a clear nail polish. That way the second colour won't leave any traces
  • DO NOT USE RED to remove the nail polish, because you will get stains
  • Unfortunately, this doesn't work for glitter nails

The blue colour I'm wearing is Catrice - 410 Pool Party At Night and the pink colour is Only You - 015 Pink Party!. 

Yes, it's that easy, ladies! No more panic when you still have that hideously chipped nail polish on your nails and you don't have nail polish remover. And no more excuses for wearing chipped nails!

What do you do when you don't have any nail polish remover?
Do you take desperate measures or do you just walk with chipped nail polish?

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  1. Haha nice tip! Thank you :)



  2. This is exactly what i do when i run out of nail varnish remover haha
    Elle x

  3. I actually figured out that by myself, because I am a clumsy painter and even clumsier when nail polish is drying (haha, no joke though!) and I just wiped it off ... and I was like: maybe it works to remove polished in general too. And I tried it out but never really used this trick :D Now you reminded me! Brilliant post and I love the new name! ;)


  4. Great tip but I hate cotton wool so the thought of it still makes me cringe a little bit. I wonder if it works with a sponge instead :)
    Poppy | far away

  5. I so love this ! Nice idea. x

  6. Great tip my dear,I used it quite a few times :))

  7. What a fantastic idea! Thanks so much for sharing hun! xx

  8. thanks for sharing!

  9. Great tip! I didn't even know that this works! I;m gonna try it out. What i usually do is file it all off. No wonder that my nails can't be hard!

  10. I had no idea!! Thanks Sal! I love these tips you're sharing! :)

  11. :) haha dit doe ik ook soms.. als ik thuis geen remover heb. leuk

  12. no way! I never heard of this trick... thanks for sharing :) x

  13. wait people use a nail file?! :O thats so bad!
    Love this tip as I am ALWAYS out of nail polish remover. always! haha xx


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