FOTD: Suga suga, how you get so fly?°

When I think of sweets I think pink, yellow, (other) bright colours, sugar and way too active kids. Luckily I didn't have to cope with those kids when doing this look, but I did get inspired by the candy I used to eat when I was a kid myself. And yes, candy back in the 90's was this bright. I don't want to know what they put in it..

Anyways, a very, verrrry bright look for you guys - and fully budgetproof! I went a little crazy, but it was a long time since I did so.
Continue reading for many more pictures!

It's been a while, but here's another look for the Weekly Makeup Tag, by Aqeela! This week's theme is 'Sweets' inspired make up. You can see how the other girls when you click on this link here

For this look I (accidentally really) went for budget products only! For the entire look I used the MAX Makeup Palette, which is available at the Dutch store Action. I think it costs about €1,50 and the colours are pretty amazing. Especially for that price! And the lashes? Even cheaper. I had 3 different pair for €0,89! So they basically cost €0,30 each. The lashes are fabulous, but very long. And the lash glue is horrible, but that's okay because the fabulousness of the lashes compensate for it. 

Before you view the pictures I have to say that they don't do the look ANY justice. The look was bright, and I mean literally NEON bright! I had so much fun doing this. It's something different than the usual dark looks. I had neon pink on my eyes, guys. Me, the everything-dark-lover. And I loved it too, guys. I don't know how to handle these emotions. 

What I used
  • Catrice Eyeshadow Base
  • MAX Makeup Palette - Color me Crazy 04 (neon pink, yellow, lime green, orange, off white/light green and pink)
  • Gosh Kohl Eye Liner - White
  • Maybelline Eyestudio Mono - 01 Snow White/Blanc Neige
  • Catrice Liquid Liner - 010 Dating Joe Black
  • MaxFactor Masterpiece MAX mascara - Black
  • MAX Eyelashes (no number or name)

  • Gosh Kohl Eye Liner - White (to make the colour pop more)
  • Wet 'n' Wild Gloss & Shine - E81417

  • Max Factor Second Skin Foundation - 070 Natural
  • Essence All About Matt! Fixing Loose Powder
  • E.L.F. Blush - Pink Passion

On to the look!
Click on the pictures to enlargen

The look in different light

With the huge lashes and the neon colours I kinda felt like Nicki Minaj! Looking back at the look I'm very pleased with how it turned. When I was wearing the makeup, I couldn't help but looking at myself and do the Nicki Minaj blink haha! Too bad my camera couldn't capture how neon the pink was!

So what do you think? Are the candy colours worth the repeat or should I stick to the dark colours?

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°-Not my text. Lyrics of Baby Bash - Suga Suga


  1. Awwww gorgeous <3 In love with the lashes

  2. Such a cool look! Definitely takes me back to 90s candy haha just as you said

  3. Wow amazing!

    Emma x

  4. gorgeous eye makeup! you did so well! :) xx

    Letters To Juliet

  5. This is a great fun look hun! xoxo.

  6. I love how we used similar colours (yellow and pink). YES PLEASE WEAR MORE COLOUR GURL! Nicki Minaj has nothing on you! And watched your Keek video. You're adorable ;)
    Hugs Xx

  7. Suuuper cool! Hoe over de top je ook gaat, het is altijd heel mooi!

    XX Red Sonja

    Winactie: Rosé sieraden setje!

  8. I love it! I love Pink and Yellow together it's indeed really sugary :) xx

  9. Je make up ziet er heel cool uit!
    En die wimpers zijn echt killing!! Echt tof!


  10. WOW mijn favoriete make-up.. veel kleur! love it! x

  11. Beautiful as always! I love this colour combo alot! x


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