Finding my way back in your life

MAN, IT FEELS GOOD TO BE BACK! And this timez for realz! New laptop? Check. Hella inspiration? Check. Stuff fixed? Check. New hair? Double check. I know, I know, it's been a very long time since I've blogged and you have the idea that we've grown apart. But let me explain everything and make it up to you. We've been together for so long. Much happened and I will all explain it to you cause you deserve to know. It will only take you 3 minutes! 
(I promise. I was listening to Coldplay - The Scientist (for some extra drama) when I was reading everything back and I finished reading before the song was finished.)

Shit happened

So. Yeah. Here we are. It kinda feels awkward, right? No? It's just me? Okay, well let me just start talking then. 
Soooooooo what happened? I'll tell you what happened. First my computer crashed. And being the broke girl I am, I didn't have a back-up computer to replace the broken one. Weird, right? I know, I know. After that, I discovered websites and blogs were stealing my content. At this point I didn't see the point of blogging anymore. I mean, people copy my stuff, so why put effort in something that is going to be stolen anyways? Kinda lost motivation. Kinda got over it (insert sassy girl emoji with the fabulous hand to the side).

Let's ruin Sal's only normal hobby by being a jackass

And oh, also the worst thing evahh happened. Evahh. I lost my domain name. Yup. Gone. How? The hosting company was being a jackass (I won't excuse myself for the foul language). I wanted to move my domain, they didn't, registration expired, no one let me know. PLUS I had trouble with the internet company as well. No WiFi for months. Yeah, that was hell.

Come back, make that comeback!

Now what? Now we're back in business, baby! For a while I thought all these things were signs for me to quit blogging. I visited my blog every single day (how sad...) and I couldn't believe that my piece of pride and my only hobby had come to an end. HOWEVER, then a friend of mine started talking about how she missed my blog and how she was a loyal follower. It surprised me. And she wasn't the only one asking about my blog. Better yet, I kept gaining followers, even without new content. Not many followers, but it meant a lot to me that people were following me, even though I didn't post new things. It made me miss blogging even more.

What's new?

My URL! You can find me at now (or if you like to waste your time. I don't judge). The only thing that has changed is the dash (-) between petite en sal!  Or just Google me if you can't remember this. Yup, I'm Googleable.  And ehm what else.. Oh, I might try some new things on the blog. You'll see. I know you can't wait. Oh and in the past few months I got me a new hair do! Picz belowz of the beforez and the afterz. 

So here I am. And this time I ain't going noooowhere. I hope y'all have missed me too! I can't wait to be 100% back again. Oh by the way, you got to pat me on the back for the gifs used in this post. I think I enjoyed looking for relevant gifs more than actually writing the post tihi.

 What did I miss? Send me your favourite blog posts so I can catch up on reading!

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  1. JEUJJ Sal is back on TRACK!

  2. Finallyyyyy ❤️❤️❤️

  3. Yaaaaaaaay you're back! Bloody hell you never told me about all that stuff happening. :/ hope it doesn't happen anymore In shaa Allah. Let's do this!!!!♡

  4. yeeeeeeeeeeeha welcome back giiiiiiiiiirl I seriously truly missed ur blog keep it up hi5

  5. YAAAAAS! So happy you're back xxx

    Zaineb - Blogging Gals Founder |

  6. You are a very talented blogger and what's good is that it sounds like you have a stubborn persistent streak to push ahead and win :-) I like a version of The Scientist that was on our X Factor, Stacy was sweet but only in small doses xx

  7. Welcome Back Sal :) Loving the hair ..... <3

  8. Welcome Back Sal :) Loving the hair ..... <3


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