Sal's Sunday Solutions: 7 ways to use baby powder

A while ago I told you how you could use baby powder for your Summer problems. Today I'm writing about how you can use baby powder in other ways too! I bet that you haven't heard of some of them before. That's okay, I love to educate you on how I use baby powder and share them secrets with you!

ONE - Sweaty body parts

Summer is almost over, but I'm repeating it once again: when you deal with sweaty body parts, you can use baby powder on your body and it will reduce the sweat production! I wrote about it before, so here's the link again to the post about how to use baby powder on sweaty body parts. (I just realised how gross that sounds, but you get the point)

TWO - Extra help when waxing

It's not easy being a woman and I think we can all confirm this. For example: waxing. No explanation needed. But I can make it a little easier for you. Use baby powder on the body parts that you're about to wax. The wax will grab the hairs easier.

THREE - Body powder

Number three is similar to number two, but that's okay. Use baby powder as a body powder to smell fresh and to feel fresh! It's not just for babies, you know. Benefit from the fact that we adults can use baby products too.

FOUR - Set your make-up (emergency tip)

This is an emergency tip. Let's say one day you discover that you ran out of make-up powder (all of a sudden) and you need to set your make-up. Carefully get some of the baby powder on your brush and set your make-up! Make sure you blend it in well, because you don't want to end up looking like Casper the Friendly Ghost. He might look friendly, but your make-up won't look that friendly on you. Trust me on that one.

FIVE - Foot powder

Put some baby powder in your shoes (or on your feet) and you changed it from baby powder to foot powder! Put some extra between your toes, as it tends to get a bit warmer (and sweatier, again: sorry for the details) there. Big plus for your baby smelling feet now.

SIX - Sheet refreshener

Cover your bed with white sheets, sprinkle some baby powder on it and enjoy the soft and fresh feel! This is also perfect when you want to freshen up your sheets in between nights. 

SEVEN - Irritated skin reliever

Sometimes we cope with irritated skin. Put some baby powder on the irritated places on your skin. Also on itchy skin. 

 Always a pleasure to have multifunctional products. One product and so many ways to use it. And I'm sure that I forgot other uses of baby powder too, so if you can name more, drop them in a comment below!
Oh a little warning: if you're allergic to perfume, please check the ingredients of the baby powder. Even though it's a product for babies, there's a chance you might react to it. In that case: there are plenty of (baby) powders without perfume!

What is your go-to multifunctional (beauy) product?

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  1. great tips, sal! especially the waxing one, didnt know about that one.

    my biggest use of baby powder is as a dry shampoo. use it in your hair at night, and your hair will feel much fresher the next day. and doesnt leave a dirty residue like dry shampoo does.

  2. Wat een leuk artikel! Wist niet dat baby poeder zo handig was :)

    Kiki / Chicks About Fashion

  3. These are genius! I love the waxing one a lot x
    Heroine in Heels

  4. I like to use it if i run out of dry shampoo, tap a little on to the roots works like a dream :)

    Liza | Glambeautys | YouTube

  5. Wat een leuk stukje. Ik gebuik het alleen tijdens het harsen maar nr6 wil ik ook eens probern

  6. agreed on the waxing bit...:) it does make a HUGE difference....

  7. Fab tips Sal! Definitely going to use the tip for waxing! X

  8. Great tips! I have definitely used baby powder for my feet and as a sheet freshener as well. Never heard of using it for waxing simply because I don't like waxing, but I have heard of it for setting makeup.

  9. great tips, never heard of the waxing one before!! X

  10. This is a great post! I would never have though of some of the uses you listed! Definitely going to pick some up the next time I go shopping! :)

  11. Great tips sal, I have some talc powder but it's just sitting there with no use, guess what I'll put it into use now ;D


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