Review: Sleek Storm & Au Naturel palettes and Rose Gold blush

When I heard about the Sleek mineral based eyeshadow palettes, I knew it had to try it myself to experience the quality. I did have my doubts about the blush. It also seemed to be a dupe of Nars' Orgasm.
I ordered the Sleek Storm 578 palette, the Au Naturel 601 palette and the Rose Gold 926 blush. 
Keep on reading for my experiences, my opinion and the swatches!

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If you're not feeling like reading all the text, just scroll through the pictures and read the summary in the end!
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It took a while before I received my package, because it was sold out. Apparently it's a loved brand!
I got really enthusiastic when I received it and I couldn't wait to test it! I ordered it online, in the webshop of a Dutch blogger.

The packaging is very "sleek". Matte black with shiny letters. It is smaller than I expected to be, but that makes it ideal to bring it with me in my bag. The palette contains 12x1.1 gram. It has a little mirror on the inside.

The first palette is the Au Naturel palette. Every colour has its name. The colours are natural and mostly matte. The palette contains 12 colours; 4 shimmer and 8 matte colours. Both palettes have a sponge applicator. You can use it, but I haven't. I like to use my own brushes.

The colours are perfect for every day looks. As you can see, the colours look pigmented. And they are! They are as pigmented as they look, seriously. You get what you see! I was really surprised. 

Let's take a look at the swatches.

This is the top row of the palette. You can't really see the colours, because they're natural and very close to my skin colour. But when you use them in an eyelook, they're definitely pigmented! The second colour (Nubuck) is the colour with the least pigmentation. It's also a colour I don't know how to use it. It's a bit of a nude-grey. I was a bit disappointed because of the white colour (Nougat). I expected it to be more pigmented, mainly because of the other colours.  The shimmer colour, Taupe, is perfect as a highlighter. 

Wow. Just wow. These swatches are made with only one swipe. Can you believe how pigmented the colours are?! Like I said: you get what you see! Also, I like the colours. They go good together, also with the lighter colours. You can make many combinations with these colours.

The swatches with flash. The black, Noir, is SO pigmented. Seriously, after I swatched it, it was so hard to get the colour of my arm. 
A few colours have some fall out.

Next palette!

The second palette, Storm, has more colour. I picked this palette, because it's more colourful compared to the Au Naturel palette, but the colours are not too bright. That way I can use it for every day looks. Just like the Au Naturel palette. The palette contains 12x1.1 gram. It has a little mirror on the inside.

The palette contains mostly shimmer colours. This palette also contains 12 colours. 3 colours are matte and 9 are shimmery. This palette doesn't contain a sheet with names, unfortunately.

Let's take a swatch!

The first row. These swatches are from one swipe as well! You can't see the third colour, because it's exactly the colour of my skin. I love to use this colour for neutral looks. 
The colours are very shimmery. Also with these colours, there is some fall out. 

The swatches of the second row. Okay, I am in love. They are perfectly pigmented. The fifth colour is the only colour that has less pigmentation, compared to the rest. 

The swatches with flash. The second colour is a grey colour, with a blue undertone, very unique. Again, the black is very pigmented, the other colours too. 

Needless to say, I'm in love with these eyeshadow palettes!
I have to say that I had some trouble with blending the colours. I don't know if it's because of the eyeshadow or because I wasn't used to such pigmented eyeshadows. After applying the eyeshadow a few times, it got a lot easier for me to blend. Maybe I just had to learn to work with the product. The eyeshadows last all day. Without an eyeshadow base they last all day too. At the end of the day, the eyeshadow looks a bit dewy without a base, but it doesn't crease. 
The palettes cost €7,95 each.

Here's a simple look, when I was playing with the Au Naturel palette. There will definitely come more looks made with this palettes!

Let's move on to the blush. 

Silly me, forgot to take another picture of the packaging, but it's almost the same as the eyeshadow palettes. It says Sleek Makeup in shiny letters and Blush in golden letters in de right lower corner. You can see it in the first picture of this post.

The blush is a peachy-pink colour with a gold shimmer. Usually I'm not into blushes with a shimmer, but I wanted to try one. Also the blush was a lot smaller than I expected. The blush contains 8 gram. The blush too has a little mirror on the inside.

The blush reminds me of the Lancôme Blush Subtil in 20. I wanted this blush so badly and I've tried it a few times. I tried it after I ordered the Sleek blush. I almost forgot I ordered the Sleek blush, so I almost bought the Lancôme blush. I decided to wait on the Sleek blush before buying Lancôme, in case the colours are similar. Which they are!

 Here's a picture in daylight. As you can see, it is a bit peachy-pink-coral-ish with a gold shimmer. I think it depends on your skin tone what colour it turns. On my skin it turned a bit peach. The more I applied, the pinkier it got.

A picture of the blush with flash. Here you can see the gold shimmer really well. 

The blush too doesn't disappoint when it comes to its pigmentation. It is really, really, really pigmented. You can't really see it on the picture, but one swipe is as pigmented as the eyeshadows. You only need a little.

A picture with flash. The gold shimmer is obvious here. On your face it gives a beautiful glow. I couldn't take a good picture of it on my cheeks. 

I love the blush too! It is a small one, but you only need a little, because it's highly pigmented. You have to watch out that you don't apply too much. The more you apply, the more colour you get on your cheeks. So it's not that you get more shimmer on your cheeks when you apply more. I can't compare it to Nars' Orgasm, because I don't own that blush. But I did compare it with Lancôme Subtil Blush and it's very similar. 
The blush gives a beautiful glow and you don't need any highlighter after this. 

That was a lot of information to process, so I'll sum up the pros and cons of the products.

The Au Natural 601 & Storm 578 palette 
The pros
  • VERY pigmented! A little goes a long way.
  • Nice packaging
  • Neutral colours, perfect for a natural look 
  • Has a mirror
  • Small packaging, ideal to take with you
  • Price!!
  • Contains sponge applicator (this is a pro for the ones who use it)
  • Beautiful colours, both palettes
  • Lasts all day, even without eyeshadow base
  • Colour is buildable, even though it's pigmented
The cons
  • Some colours have fall out
  • Blending is hard in the beginning (after that I had no problems with it)
  • Not a lot of product (but you don't need much, because of the pigmentation)
  • Only available online
Would I buy it again? I would definitely buy more of these palettes, but only if there is one with colours that I múst have. It's not because of the brand or the product. It's just that I love to experiment with other eyeshadows too and I don't want to stick to one brand. I don't have this with other makeup products, like lipstick. But with eyeshadows I do. However, the price-quality ratio is amazing. So in general: I would repurchase this.

The Rose Gold 926 blush
The pros

  • VERY pigmented!
  • Nice packaging
  • Easy to put in your handbag
  • Price!
  • Easy to blend
  • Has a mirror
  • Gold shimmer gives beautiful glow, without being too much
  • Lasts a long time
  • Colour is buildable
  • Dupe of high street blushes
The cons
  • Easy to apply too much
  • Not a lot of product (but again, little goes a long way)
  • Only available online
Would I buy this again? Yes, I would! Unlike eyeshadows, I like to stick to a favourite when it comes to blushes. This is a blush that matches with my skin and skin tone and it lasts quite a while, even when I'm wearing my hair down. Usually my blush and bronzer don't last long, because my curls get in the way and rub it all off. 
I think we have a new favourite! 

What are your experiences with Sleek? 
Do you have any other products of Sleek that you would recommend?


  1. I love the plum purple colors! :)

  2. Wow so many pretty things!! I love the blushes:)

    I have a giveaway going on in my blog, check it out!
    Take care

    1. I'm very fond of the blush myself! New favourite :)

      I'll check it out! X

  3. I love sleek eyeshadows and blushes, I thnk they're amazing quality. These two palettes are next on my Sleek wishlist. :)

    1. I read it every where and I had to experience it myself. I did and loved it! Which palettes and blushes do you have? :) X

  4. I love your post! I have the blush and the Au Naturel palette but I've been eyeing up the Storm one forever! I think you may have just convinced me! haha

    1. Thank you, Kerry! Go get it!! It's so lovely! And together with the Au Naturel palette you can create so many looks! Naturel looks, but also heavy night looks :) X

  5. so many beautiful colours! Great post!
    Beauty by T

  6. Fantastic post :) In love with you blog <3

    1. You're too sweet, India!! Love yours too! :) X

  7. great blog, wanna follow each other :)

  8. You look gorgeous in the photo!! I love you hair. I'm now wondering whether to try the Au natural palette to replace my heaven and earth one x

    1. Oh, thank you so much! I'm not sure. The heaven & earth palette has a lot of shimmery, earth colours and the Au Naturel is really a nude palette. Depends on what you like to wear! :) X

  9. Wow, these look so pigmented! Love the look you created too! xo

    1. They are! It's unbelievable. Especially the shimmer colours! Glad you liked it :) X

  10. Oooh, I love the look you did, love those palettes too. Storm was my first, like how they've re-packaged them! The old inset pattern in the pans made them seem cheaper tbh.. Storm and Original from sleek are my most used palettes!

    Lizzums x

    1. Glad you liked it! I know! A while ago I came across pictures from the old packaging. Love how they re-newed everything. Storm is my most used palette too! X

  11. the storm palette has amazing colors! i have the rose gold blush and love it!!

    Rikki xx

    1. It definitely does! I'm wearing the rose gold blush every-day since I received it!! It's amazing and love the glow! Thanks for your comment, Rikki :) X

  12. I have this palettes also and I am in love with them :) So pigmented shadows for such a low price :D

    I am a new follower from #bblogers blog hop :)


  13. Ooh I love their Rose Gold blush I bought it when I was in Manchester. I wish it was easier to get Sleek over here xxx

  14. Love the two palette!!! I have storm but I wanna buy also the other one cause I love nude colors!!! ;) a kiss, THESPARKLINGCINNAMON <3

    New post on my blog, BACK TO SCHOOL!!

  15. Love the rose gold blush :D

  16. Okay I seriously need sleek palettes in my life now! Lol. Pigmentation is soooo perfect!!! Xx


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