NOTD: From Dusk To Dawn

I have a big crush on Catrice nailpolishes. The colours are amazing, it's cheap and the quality is close to perfect! These are my Nails Of The Day.

For the ones who follow me on Instagram (@saaaalb) and Twitter (@PetiteSal) this picture below may look familiar. A few days ago I applied this nail polish, and posted it online. Now, three days later, it's still perfect!! And I didn't even use a base coat or top coat. That's how I like my nail polish!

I applied three layers, because that's when this colour is most beautiful in my opinion. I received a lot of compliments on this colour and I've got to say that I love it too! It's kind of a brown, taupe colour. It reminds me of mud. I've added a matte top coat once and it really looked like dried mud on my nails. 

Once I started using Catrice, I immediately fell in love. My nail polish stash consists 60% of Catrice, because it has the qualities a good nail polish should have. It's only €2,49 and it stays for days without chipping! Prepare for more Catrice posts. Since it's summer, I'll be buying and wearing more nail polish. And Catrice is just my fav :) 


  1. I've never tried Catrice nailpolishes but I love their eyeshadows! x

    1. I looove their nailpolishes! Their eyeshadows are great as well! Especially the baked ones :) X

  2. the color was really suitable for ur skin<3
    wanna follow each other?


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  4. Such a pretty color!
    -Imani Love

  5. lovely color! :)

    i follow you, follow me back ? :)

  6. love that color. so pretty!

    I invite you to check out my blog.

  7. Thank you for the sweet comment on my blog!
    It means alot dear(:

    If you're not already publicly following True Blue Abbi I would love it if you could!

    Your nails look great; happy blogging!

    -XO Abbigayle Rashae

  8. I have a grey NYC polish and i haven't even used it yet. I just like it colorful in summer!
    And i Love my new necklace :)

    1. True! Summer means colorful, but i like this colour in the Summer too! Especially when you're wearing a lot of colour :)

  9. This color is beautiful !!! It would look amazing if you did an ombre pop of neon or something !

    Newest follower, would love it if you checked out my blog! I am a new blogger and can use the support :)

    1. True! I was thinking of doing an ombre nail, but I suck at ombre!
      Thanks for following me, lovely! I'm already following you, but there's something wrong with GFC. I tried to follow you with google+ which I connected to my blogger account, but your GFC gadget doesn't work! X


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