Rimmel 60 Seconds: Rose Libertine

When I saw this colour, I immediately fell in love. It's such a sweet colour. It reminded me of cotton candy. I had to buy this and add it to my nailpolish stash! Here's a little review of Rimmel's 60 Seconds nail polish in the colour 'Rose Libertine'.

 The colour is lovely! I applied two thin coats. The nail polish has a flat brush, which makes it easier and faster to apply the colour. And Rimmel does what it promises: the nail polish is dry in even less than 60 seconds! I'm always struggling with nail polishes that don't dry quick, which often results in ugly nails. Oh, the impatience..

This gorgeous nail polish has a down side too. There was a time I applied a different colour every day. But with my busy schedule it's not achievable anymore. So I prefer nail polishes that stay beautiful for at least a few days. On the picture you can see how it looks after wearing the nail polish for two days. What a pity. But keep in mind that it's a 60 second nail polish and not a 60 days nail polish.

Nevertheless I'm happy with my cotton candy colour! Especially with the summer coming up. My nails will look yummy this summer!


  1. I've noticed that polish that are made with a "fast drying" formula tend to chip faster

  2. Love the color, though I'll never find the perfect color to match my dark skin (too much sun for me -sigh-)

    Aaah have a great summer!

    1. Are you nuts? Dark skins are the most beautiful! Every colour matches a dark skin. It was mission impossible to find the perfect colour for my pale skin.
      I think this colour will look great on you too!

      Aaah thaaanks! Even though summer is far away, haha

  3. love it!!!
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  4. pretty colour!

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  5. I think you're right! Worth it to wear that nail polish, it has a lovely color :)
    Thank you so much for stopping by :)

    Have a great weekend!


    "Dicas de saúde, beleza, e exercício físico"

  6. I really like this color, perfect for spring!
    New follower from Italy xx

  7. that is a really pretty color, i'll have to try it :) and you've been tagged! i wanna get to know more about you, so visit my blog and click on the latest post in my sidebar :)

  8. i love the color :)


  9. This color is lovely!
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  10. Love this colour <3 Thankyou for comments on my blog hun.. Im following you now. Great blog :) xxx

  11. This is a lovely color thank you for the tip.

  12. Ooo that's a gorgeous colour! I'm also a bit impatient with my nail colour drying....have you tried Sally Hansen's Insta-Dri Top Coat (the one in the red bottle)? It works amazing! And it gives my nails a nice shine too ;)

  13. Such a pretty pink, it's sweet indeed :)

  14. Shame about its lack of lasting finish! BUT the colour is lush. I have a Jessica nail varnish in a similar colour and I love it! I'm actually wearing it now :)
    Love Kendall from trendswb.blogspot.com xx


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