Oh future husband, where art thou?

To finance my costs I work at a jewellery store. This is no place for a girl who loves jewellery. Most of the time I'm trying on rings or I'm just admiring the diamonds.

A few days ago I saw my future engagement ring. A woman brought her ring, because it was too big for her and she wanted to make it smaller. The ring was beautiful. The quality of the diamonds was phenomenal. It had the brightest diamonds: white and pure, no spots. And it was set in platinum, instead of gold. Wow! If you have a little knowledge about jewellery and diamonds, you know this is the real deal. You can't even think of comparing it with Swarovski-trash.

You guys, this is my dream ring! It's simple, yet special and an eye catcher. I hope my future husband loves me as much as the woman's fiance, because that's no cheap ring. I tried the ring on. It suited perfectly. I didn't want to take it off!

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