Who am I?

After, like, three years I finally started my blog. Well, since I'm here, let's have a little introduction. I go by the name Sal, I'm 21 years old. Currently I study Communication. In my spare time I like to view pictures of nature or people (National Geographic & World Press Photo for example). I like to see the beauty in things.
Furthermore I like to discuss with people about everyday things. Playing with make up is something I enjoy to do and last but not least, I like fashion. But then again: I guess I'm not the only one on the internet who does!

Hope you enjoy :)


  1. Enjoy blogging, it's so much fun =)
    Curious what your posts will look like!

    Love, Denise

  2. Thank you for your kinds messages! It motivates me to put more effort into my blog :)


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